About us

Design studio formed out of founder's frustrations.

It was the year 2018 and Vaibhav, Akshans and Tarun got an idea for a startup. It was an app-based startup. 

They thought they were going to change the world with their idea, super excited and pumped.

Little did they know that their life was going to take a long, tyring turn. They met with more than a dozen developers and finalized one.

They were told that it'll take just 3 months to get the app developed. And so the development began.

Founders don't understand User Journey

For us, getting an app out there before the competition was the priority.

As development began, our developer asked us for things like user-story, scope of work document, app screens, userflow, information architecture, etc.

We requested many changes throughout the development process that delayed our project by more than a year. But guess what we weren't alone.

Most founders don't understand the user journey and the importance of UX. With right UX process before development, scope of change requests becomes negligible and project stays under budget and on time.

Screens delivered



5 years



Project Pipeline

10 +